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Sperm Motility

and semen production

Low Sperm Motility - Causes & Treatment

Has your doctor told you that the reason you and your wife are having problems conceiving a child is because low sperm motility is making you almost infertile? Would you like to know how to increase sperm motility and increase the power of your orgasms at the same time? Read on.

Male infertility may be caused by a number of factors, including problems associated with sperm production, sperm transport, and sperm motility as well as anatomical problems, and infection.

Problems with sperm production can result in a reduced sperm count. The reduced sperm count may be caused by a number of factors, including hormone changes, medicines, drug and alcohol use, excessive caffeine, smoking and testicular injury. These factors might also cause a lowered motility. Sperm motility is determined by the percentage of sperm that are moving or swimming.

Sperm motility is also affected by increased temperature. If the testicles get too warm, the sperm motility and even the sperm count may be reduced. Increased temperature of the scrotum may be caused by use of waterbeds, spa's and saunas, as well as wearing tight underwear or pants. Increased numbers of abnormal sperm can be caused through taking medications, drugs and alcohol, as well as testicular injury, and exposure to chemicals or heavy metals. It is thought that these abnormal sperm are not capable of fertilization. Exposure to herbicides and pesticides can reduce sperm numbers significantly.

If you are engaged in any of the activities above then your first step to increase sperm count and motilty should be to abstain from the activity or cause that may be contributing to the problem. Avoid processed foods and switch to certified organic foodstuffs. Your second step should be to try a semen enhancer like the one shown below.

There is an interesting article titled "Glyphosate/Roundup & Human Male Infertility" by Dr Mae-Wan Ho that can be read online at www.i-sis.org.

Here is the report summary: Steep decline in human male sperm count concomitant with rise in testicular germ cell cancer, congenital malformations of the male reproductive tract and drop in serum testosterone levels, all pointing towards increasing exposure to glyphosate/Roundup herbicides during the past decades, now corroborated by lab findings

One positive in the report is the claim that taking antioxidants may mitigate some of the negative effects of herbicides.

BUY SEMENAX ONLINE The leading product for increased semen volume and sperm motility is Semenax which is available online without a prescription.

Its unique blend of herbal ingredients can provide the nutrients needed to increase sperm motility and produce up to 500% more semen. The ingredients stimulate sperm and testosterone production in the testes. You will notice an increase in sperm volume within just a few days and it can reach up to 500% if the program is continued.

The increase in semen volume has the very pleasurable side effect of longer and stronger orgasms as the body tries to ejaculate the increased load of semen. Not only can you increase your fertility but you can improve your love life at the same time.

By now you've probably deduced that Semenax™ increases both volume of fluid AND quantity and health of sperm! Your load is not only bigger, more impressive and more pleasurable, but much more potent, too.

With Semenax™, you get improved:
  • Quality of sperm
  • Motility of sperm
  • Reversal of low sperm count
  • Overall improved production of semen and sperm

Semenax Pills will improve your fertility by helping you increase your sperm count, and the sperm that you produce will be healthier and stronger than ever before. This sperm will make your semen appear whiter and thicker in appearance.

This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This product is not intended to prevent or treat any disease and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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